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America's Natural and Cultural Resources Volunteer Portal
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The Federal Interagency Team on Volunteerism (FITV) is privileged to serve as a host for America's Natural and Cultural Volunteer Recruitment Portal and to provide public sector natural and cultural resource agencies an opportunity to use this site as a means to recruit and place volunteers in their programs. The service is free to public natural and cultural resource agencies. Participating agencies are required to pledge to create meaningful volunteer project work that will facilitate recruitment and retention of volunteers and will abide by all laws and regulations that govern volunteer participation for your agency/organizational unit.

Membership Requirements for Use of the Volunteer.gov Portal:
  1. Eligibility. Any public sector natural and cultural resource agency at any level of government is eligible to use the Portal. Each agency will necessarily designate a lead administrator to serve as the contact liaison to the Portal staff to ensure that employees or volunteers who request services of the Portal are indeed agents or servants of the agency registering for use of the service.

  2. Username and Password. When an authorized employee or volunteer signs up to become an agency's contact liaison to the Portal to either to post volunteer opportunities or to link the agency's volunteer site, he/she will be asked to choose a username and password which will be protected behind a firewall.

  3. Fees. Use of the Portal is free. Use of the Portal to post volunteer opportunities requires partners to be responsible for the prompt responses to prospective volunteers who apply for these volunteer opportunities. Further, contact liaisons to the Portal agree to report annually to the Portal staff the volume of traffic to your posted opportunities, the number of filled positions and the value of this free service for your agency.

  4. Terms. There are no terms for use of the Portal except those cited below in (5) Responsibilities. Should a decision be made to terminate the partnership at any time, for any reason, simply send a message to the Comment section. The Portal reserves the right to terminate the partnership as well but will only do so with a formal letter to the agency leadership prior to any termination.

  5. Responsibilities. As part of the registration process, agencies are required to pledge that all personal information of prospective volunteers will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which is hereby incorporated by reference. If you use the Portal, you are accepting the terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy.

    • Public sector natural and cultural resource agencies who complete our Partnership Application pledge to adhere to the Rules of Behavior which includes the following considerations:

      1. Data will be protected in accordance with the Privacy Act of 1974;
      2. Sensitive information will be protected from disclosure to unauthorized individuals or groups;
      3. Sensitive information will only be acquired and used in accordance with the performance of ones official government duties;
      4. Store and Dispose of sensitive information contained in hardcopy or softcopy, as appropriate;
      5. Ensure that sensitive information is accurate and relevant for the purpose which it is collected, provided, and used;
      6. Protect ones assigned access codes from disclosure;
      7. Report security incidents and vulnerabilities to the appropriate agency organization;
      8. Do not reconfigure or make any modifications to the Portal's software without written permission.
      9. Notice will be made to the Portal staff as to any changes in links or contact points; and,
      10. Partners agree to providing notification of the separation, transfer, replacement of point of contact information.

To become a partnership member of America's Natural and Cultural Resource Volunteer Portal, please answer each of the following questions:

1) Are you requesting partnership membership because your agency works in the natural and cultural resources volunteer arena?
 No   Yes
2) If yes, provide some information about your agency and describe what your volunteers do for your agency.
3) Provide the url for your agency's volunteer program or home page.
4) Do you understand that this Portal is singularly designed and operated for public sector natural and cultural volunteer opportunities?
 No   Yes

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